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ExeVox is an auditioning choir of around twenty singers, based in Exeter.  Mixing pleasure, friendship and music, we are a group of experienced singers brought together by a shared love of music of all ages and genres, old and new, classical and contemporary, British and beyond – from Tallis to Whitacre, from Bach to the Beatles.

For more information on ExeVox please visit the ‘About the Choir’ page


On Saturday 30th October 2021, we are offering an informal concert at St James Church, Mount Pleasant, Exeter EX4 7AH.

The concert will start at 7.30 and is for family and friends; there will be no charge for admission but any monies left around will be gratefully received. There is no printed programme; the pieces will be introduced by Peter. 

The programme is entitled "Voices Out of Silence" and will feature choral pieces ranging from the 16th to the 21st centuries with instrumental solos by cellist Isabella Farleigh and Peter Adcock.

The church is airy and there will be plenty of space for distancing; please enter wearing a mask and retain it until you are seated.

There is no parking at the church itself, but we have arranged parking at the Health Centre a short walk away.